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Stationary Energy Storage Technologies

Module description in the MTS

Credits (ECTS): 6LP (4 SWS)


In this class in the first half of the semester a variety of the most important energy storage technologies is discussed regarding their mode of operation, advantages/disadvantages and fields of application. The presented techologies are: capacitors, coils, flywheels, pumped hydro storage, compressed air, non-rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, NiMH, NiCd, high temperature batteries, redox-flow batteries, metal-air batteries and thermal energy storages.

In the second half of the semester group-presentations are developed using the acquired knowledge analyzing the best suitable technolgy for a chosen application. In the process not only the technical aspects but also the economic feasibility needs to be considered, that can be calculated using a cost-benefit anaysis.

In the end a short paper meeting scientific style requirements is written summarizing the gathered results.








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