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Building and Measuring Batteries

Module description in the MTS

Credits (ECTS): 3LP (2SWS)


In the module "Building and Measuring Batteries" students attend six experiments every two weeks over the course of the semester.  The students aquire versatile knowledge about the practical work in a battery laboratory. The first three experiments are about electrochemical fundamentals, terms and elements of electrochemistry.  They are demonstrated by building und analysing half cells, electrochemical elements, metal-air based batteries, high temperature batteries  and from scratch material home-made lead-acid-batteries. The second half of the module is about measuring techniques and appropriate interpretation of measurements of commercial battery-cells. The most important masurements are shown, put into practice using commercial lithium-ion-batteries, lead-acid-batteries and supercaps. The students parameterise characterisation measurements and analyse the measurement results in various ways. Lastly, students can implement and test their own balancing algorithms on suited test equipment. 

Building and Measuring Batteries is a portfolio exam, consisting of a maximum of 40 points for preparation excercises and a total of 60 points for reports on every lab meeting. There are not any additional classes except for the six aforementioned experiments and an introduction in the first week of the semester. The groups consist of three to four students. Thus the number of attendees is limited at 24. The class is credited with 3 credits according to ECTS. 



Daniell cell
The electrochemical cell "Daniell cell"
Transient properties of a Li-ion-battery
Experimental set-up for balancing

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