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Grid integration and grid benefitting charging of a battery-powered rail vehicle for the bridging of extended non-electrified or partially electrified sections in regional traffic

  • Colaborative project
  • Project code: 03ETE008C 
  • Project duration: 01/2018- 03/2020
  • Subproject: Evaluation of different battery technologies

The main goal of the project FLIRT_AKKU is the substitution of the diesel engine of a railway vehicle, of a mass exceeding 100 tons, with an efficient battery powered drive train. The train should be able to travel the distance of 150km (approx. 1.5 to 2h driving time) without the use of catenary. The subproject of TU Berlin deals with the comparison of different lithium-ion chemistries concerning their usability as a traction battery for a railway vehicle. For this purpose, different measurements to characterize the electrical, thermal, and aging behavior will be performed. On the basis of these measurements, a comprehensive aging model of the batteries will be developed. The model will be used to evaluate and compare the battery performance and lifetime in a railway scenario. The model will also be used to optimize the overall operating parameters of the system.

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M.Sc. Marcel Franke
030 314 73502
Room EMH 129


Technische Universität Berlin
Electrical Energy Storage Technology
Institute of Energy and Automation Technology
Faculty IV
sec. EMH 2
Einsteinufer 11
D-10587 Berlin