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A Method for Monitoring State-of-Charge of Lithium-Ion Cells Using Multi-Sine Signal Excitation
Zitatschlüssel batteries7040076
Autor Kim, Jonghyeon and Kowal, Julia
Jahr 2021
ISSN 2313-0105
DOI 10.3390/batteries7040076
Journal Batteries
Jahrgang 7
Nummer 4
Zusammenfassung In this paper, a method for monitoring SoC of a lithium-ion battery cell through continuous impedance measurement during cell operation is introduced. A multi-sine signal is applied to the cell operating current, and the cell SoH and SoC can be simultaneously monitored via impedance at each frequency. Unlike existing studies in which cell impedance measurement is performed ex situ through EIS equipment, cell state estimation is performed in situ. The measured impedance takes into account cell temperature and cell SoH, enabling accurate SoC estimation. The measurement system configured for the experiment and considerations for the selection of measurement parameters are described, and the accuracy of cell SoC estimation is presented.
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