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The Impact of an Overlaid Ripple Current on Battery Aging: The Development of the SiCWell Dataset

Goldammer, Erik and Gentejohann, Marius and Schlüter, Michael and Weber, Daniel and Wondrak, Wolfgang and Dieckerhoff, Sibylle and Gühmann, Clemens and Kowal, Julia

Batteries 2022

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Comparison of Dynamic Charge Acceptance Tests on Lead-Acid Cells for Carbon Additive Screening

Bozkaya, Begüm and Bauknecht, Sophia and Settelein, Jochen and Kowal, Julia and Karden, Eckhard and Giffin, Guinevere A.

Energy Technology, 2101051. 2022

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The Influence of Cell Size on Dynamic Charge Acceptance Tests in Laboratory Lead-Acid Cells

Bauknecht, Sophia and Kowal, Julia and Bozkaya, Begüm and Settelein, Jochen and Karden, Eckhard

Energy Technology, 2101053. 2022

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The effects of cell configuration and scaling factors on constant current discharge and dynamic charge acceptance in lead-acid batteries

S. Bauknecht and J. Kowal and B. Bozkaya and J. Settelein and E. Karden

Journal of Energy Storage, 103667. 2022

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Novel method for the parameterization of a reliable equivalent circuit model for the precise simulation of a battery cell's electric behavior

Maximilian Bruch and Lluis Millet and Julia Kowal and Matthias Vetter

Journal of Power Sources, 229513. 2021

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Discharge Rate Capability in Aged Li-Ion Batteries

Felipe Salinas and Julia Kowal

Journal of The Electrochemical Society. The Electrochemical Society, 140519. 2020

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Classifying Aged Li-Ion Cells from Notebook Batteries

Salinas, Felipe and Kowal, Julia

Sustainability. MDPI AG, 3620. 2020

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Evaluation and comparison of two approaches to capture the electrical behaviour of battery cells

Johann Ziese and Marcel Franke and Julia Kowal

Journal of Energy Storage, 101463. 2020

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Batterietechnologien für die Mobilität der Zukunft –Stand der Technik, Herausforderungen und Ausblick

Marscheider, Julian AND Neupert, Steven AND Meiling, Dennis AND Kowal, Julia

Spannungsfeld Fahrzeugantriebe – Gedenkschrift für Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, 112-130. 2020

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