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Batterietechnologien für die Mobilität der Zukunft –Stand der Technik, Herausforderungen und Ausblick
Zitatschlüssel 11303_10929
Autor Marscheider, Julian AND Neupert, Steven AND Meiling, Dennis AND Kowal, Julia
Buchtitel Spannungsfeld Fahrzeugantriebe – Gedenkschrift für Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar
Seiten 112-130
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.14279/depositonce-9822
Adresse Berlin
Herausgeber Salomon, Alexander AND Jander, Bojan AND Savic, Bojan AND Gern, Maike Sophie AND Brodbeck, Philipp AND Nett, Oliver AND Werner, Moritz AND Winkler, Hannes AND Kauf, Malte AND Inci, Ferhat AND Krebs, Sören AND Biet, Clemens
Verlag Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin
Zusammenfassung Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar, Head of the department of Powertrain Technologies at Technische Universität Berlin, unfortunately deceased on 23 June 2018. Professor Roland Baar rendered an outstanding service to the science of powertrain technologies, especially in the field of turbocharging. His enthusiasm and determination were both a professional and a personal inspiration to everyone who worked with him. To continue Roland Baar’s work, his business and academic colleagues dedicate this collection of scientific papers to his memory. The articles in this memorial publication cover different aspects of powertrain technology research. This topic plays an important part in the current public debate on climate protection, air pollution control and sustainability. The first articles of this book deal with the market situation and the general framework for research and development of powertrains. This lays the foundation for more technical topics. The following articles are concerned with the growing trend of powertrain electrification. They discuss the numeric modeling of alternative drivetrains and the energetic assessment of different powertrain concepts, such as hybrid drives and fuel cells. One of the central topics in this book is the combustion engine, which encompasses both the diesel and the gasoline engine. For instance, the injection of water into gasoline engines is covered extensively as a method to raise the thermodynamic efficiency. Furthermore, there are articles on innovative injection concepts for diesel engines as well as on the use of alternative, regenerative fuels for combustion engines. Many of the articles address the subject of turbocharging of combustion engines, which was a major research topic of Roland Baar. In the present book, a special focus is on the analysis of energy flows and the possibilities of a better modeling of charging units in numerical simulations. The last part of the book contains articles on novel aftertreatments of exhaust gases to reduce pollutant emissions as well as on experimental methods in this field.
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