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An equivalent circuit zinc-air battery model by impedance spectroscopy

Robert Franke-Lang and Julia Kowal

Metal advanced Batteries International Congress 2019

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A second life for li-ion cells rescued from notebook batteries

Felipe Salinas and Lars Krüger and Steven Neupert and Julia Kowal

Journal of Energy Storage, 100747. 2019

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A high frequency model for predicting the behavior of lithium-ion batteries connected to fast switching power electronics

Pablo Korth Pereira Ferraz and Robert Schmidt and Delf Kober and Julia Kowal

Journal of Energy Storage, 40 - 49. 2018

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X-ray tomography as a powerful method for zinc air battery research

Robert Franke-Lang and Tobias Arlt and Ingo Manke and Julia Kowal

J. Power Sources, 45-51. 2017

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Impedance spectra of enhanced flooded batteries for micro-hybrid applications

Alexander Börger and Ellen Ebner and Simon Calles and Heide Budde-Meiwes and Dominik Schulte and Julia Kowal and Dirk Uwe Sauer

J. Energy Storage, 457-462. 2017

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Determination of the lead-acid battery's dynamic response using Butler-Volmer equation for advanced battery management systems in automotive applications

Grzegorz Piłatowicz and Heide Budde-Meiwes and Julia Kowal and Christel Sarfert and Eberhard Schoch and Martin Königsmann and Dirk Uwe Sauer

J. Power Sources, 348-359. 2016

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Three-dimensional analysis of an unique zinc-air battery set-up for tomography

Franke, Robert and Arlt, Tobias and Manke, Ingo and Kowal, Julia

Batterieforum Deutschland 2016

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How to determine the time for temperature equalisation in batteries and supercaps for reliable laboratory measurements

Julia Kowal and Arno Arzberger and Holger Blanke and Dirk Uwe Sauer

Journal of Energy Storage, 113 - 120. 2015

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Visibility of ageing processes in lithium-ion batteries by impedance spectroscopy

Julia Kowal and Delf Kober and Inna Kübler and Oliver Görke and Aleksander Gurlo

IWIS Chemnitz 2015

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Comprehensive study of relaxation behaviour of lead-acid batteries for state-of-charge estimation in automotive applications

Pilatowicz, G. and Badeda, J. and Budde-Meiwes, H. and Kowal, J. and Sarfert, C. and Schoch, E. and Königsmann, M. and Sauer, D. U.

9th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries. LABAT 2014. 2014

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Improved parameter identification for current dependency from impedance spectroscopy

Kowal, J. and Beleke, A. and Heitkötter, W. and Pilatowicz, G. and Budde-Meiwes, H. and Sauer, D. U.

Kraftwerk Batterie 2014

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Untersuchung der Alterung von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien mit einer Kombination aus Mikrostrukturanalyse und Impedanzspektroskopie

Delf Kober and Oliver Görke and Julia Kowal

Symposium Elektrochemische Methoden in der Batterieforschung 2014

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Ageing Investigation of Lithium-ion Batteries with a Combination of EIS and Structural Analysis

Delf Kober and Oliver Görke and Julia Kowal

7th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2014

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Prediction of Self-discharge Behavior of Supercapacitors Using Impedance Spectroscopy

Drillkens, J. and Krause, F. and Kowal, J. and Sauer, D. U.

ISEECap2013 2013

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Simulation of aging and cranking capability of lead-acid batteries in automotive applications

Pilatowicz, G. and Budde-Meiwes, H. and Schulte, D. and Kowal, J. and Zhang, Y. and Du, X. and Salman, M. and Gonzales, D. and Alden, J. and Sauer, D. U.

Electric & Electronic Systems in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management 2013

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