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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julia Kowal

Julia Kowal
Lupe [1]

Room: EMH 163


Einsteinufer 11

Sec. EMH 2

10587 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 314-25394

Fax:     +49 (0)30 314-21133

E-mail: Julia.Kowal@tu-berlin.de [2]

Consultation hours: On Mondays 9 - 10 h and on appointment. In summer semester 2022 (25.4.-18.7.), the consultation hour will be from 10-11 h.

In most weeks, I am in the office on mondays, so a personal meeting is possible again. To be sure, please ask before you come. Alternatively, you can phone me or we can arrange a Zoom meeting.


since 03/2014
Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology at the TU Berlin
01/10 - 02/14
Senior engineer at the department of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems, ISEA, RWTH Aachen
PhD at RWTH Aachen, Topic: "Spatially-resolved impedance of nonlinear inhomogeneous devices - using the example of the lead-acid battery"
Visiting researcher at the company Exide in Azuqueca de Hénares, Spain
Visiting Researcher at the research centre RISØ in Roskilde, Denmark
Research assistant at the department of Electrochemical Energy Storage Conversion and Systems at the Institute For Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), RWTH Aachen
Studies of electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen Diploma thesis: "Investigation of the thermal behaviour of electrochemical energy storage systems in vehicle on-board power supplies"



Awards and Scholarships
Herbert-Kind-Price of ETG in the VDE
Brigitte-Berkenhoff-Price for the best graduate in the field of electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen
Aachen's VDE price
Sponsorship through the Prof. Dr. Koepchen Merit Foundation (RWE)


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Dynamic Modeling of Li-Ion Batteries Using an Equivalent Electrical Circuit [11]

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Detailed Analysis of the Self Discharge of Supercapacitors [13]

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Dynamic Charge Acceptance of Lead-Acid Batteries: Comparison of Methods for Conditioning and Testing [15]

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8th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries, 8th LABAT 2011

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Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitors: Electrical Behaviour, Applications and Lifetime [17]

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International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, IRES 2010

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Maximizing the lifetime of electrochemical double layer capacitors at given temperature conditions by optimized operating strategies [19]

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Modellansätze zur Performance- und Lebensdauersimulation von Lithium-Ionen Batterien - Maßgeschneiderte Simulationstools für den F & E Prozess von Speichersystemen für Fahrzeug- und Netzapplikationen [21]

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DC Resistance of SLI Batteries in Microhybrid Vehicles: Can Flooded and AGM Designs Meet Vehicle Requirements? [23]

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Efficient battery models for the design of EV drive trains [27]

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International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, EPE-PEMC 2010

Download Bibtex entry [28]

Parameterisation of spatially resolved impedance for non-linear inhomogeneous devices [29]

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8th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy 2010

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Supercaps - Stand der Technik und Vergleich mit Bleibatterien [31]

Kowal, J.

Belecker Fachtage 2010

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Vergleich verschiedener Speichertechnologien und Einordnung von Supercaps [33]

Kowal, J.

Innovationsworkshop glqq Energiespeicherung und deren zukünftige Applikationen grqq 2010

Download Bibtex entry [34]

Modelling the effects of charge redistribution during self-discharge of supercapacitors [35]

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Impedance of nonlinear current or voltage dependent device [37]

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International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy, IS 2009

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Ge- und verschlossene Bleibatterien - Anwendung und Lebensdauer [39]

Kowal, J.

Belecker Fachtage 2009

Download Bibtex entry [40]

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Technische Universität Berlin
Electrical Energy Storage Technology
Institute of Energy and Automation Technology
Faculty IV
sec. EMH 2
Einsteinufer 11
D-10587 Berlin


Sec. EMH2
Room EMH 162
+49 (0)30 314-21633
+49 (0)30 314-21133
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